• About Us

    Listen.Learn.Lounge is a one-of-a-kind record shop located in the Arts District of Dallas, Texas. The space is comprised of a record shop, book shop, lounge area, and performance venue. We are committed to selling you all the highest quality of music, books, and entertainment at a reasonable price



  • Our Team


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    Abramn Rodriguez (Owner)

    An accomplished business owner known for delivering strong revenue and profit gains in highly competitive markets. 8+ years of experience in retail, marketing communications, branding, PR, and advertising. Consistently reaching revenue and sales goals bringing a high level of productivity, profitability, leadership, and passion to my organization.

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    Christine Smith (Supervisor)

    A dedicated supervisor and people-oriented professional with 7+ years of experience in team management, customer service supervision, and organization. Provides essential support to senior management and high-level officials to make sure company objectives are met.

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  • What They're Saying


    This is how it feels to be a new customer

    I was pleasantly surprised by the inside of the store/lounge and the aesthetic of it. They have a great collection of records, all arranged in alphabetical order by the artists' name. Staff were friendly and extremely helpful. "

    Cora Jones

    Everything I expected, and more

    "Love this place!" What an asset to the arts district. They have a lot of variety of vinyl and books. I love the vibe this place puts off. They are very helpful in finding you the right vinyl and books."

    Wesley Brown

    We all had a good time

    "This place is amazing! I have never experienced a record shop with a book shop and lounge area all in one. I came to the lounge Saturday night with a couple of friends and was amazed by the atmosphere and live performance. The service is very friendly and professional. "

    Daisy Wilson